Okay, I consider myself a reasonable person.

However, this upset me greatly for several reasons.

Jimmy Kimmel had a 30 second clip of his apology which was largely making more jokes about what he said-saying that he was hoping that people would have taken it as a joke because he meant it as a joke, that he thought people knew he wasn’t being serious.

Let’s talk about why that’s not okay.

Firstly, his hurried apology (ending with a joke that he was here to turn frowns upside down), offended me greatly. To me, I didn’t think he was being serious at all-that the only reason he apologized was because of pressure by the network heads.

Secondly, the way he phrased it-“I’m a comedian, I was trying to make people laugh” makes it sound like he’s blaming the protestors for making a huge deal out of it. That the protestors were the one that couldn’t take a joke, and that he did not do anything wrong. It sounds like he’s apologizing but at the same time going “Why can’t you all take a joke”.

Thirdly and finally, due to the above two points, I don’t view this as an apology at all. It seems like to me a hurried band-aid solution that has no depth to it. I don’t think it’s that hard to sincerely apologize-he offended many people, the least he could do is to sit down and be serious for a few minutes and say that he is sorry-without any jabs here or there about people being able to take humor.

I’ll just say it this way-if it was about any other race of people, do you think he would have taken it this lightly?

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Posted on Friday, 1 November
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